Hamid Moslehi is a Los Angeles based music, fashion and portrait photographer. Born in Iran and raised in Italy, Hamid finished high school in Rome, and found his permanent home in the US at the age of 19. He is an art graduate in visual communications from FIDM college and has made several documentary movies, including “Blue Roof”, in which he gives the viewer a rare inside look into the lives of the homeless population of Los Angeles by actually living amongst them on the streets.



On the opposite end of the spectrum Hamid photographs and works with some of the most celebrated musicians and artists, and has done his most in-depth work while photographing Michael Jackson over an 8 year period, traveling all around the globe.  From Neverland to New York, Paris to the Middle East, Hamid was given unprecedented access to the King of Pop, his family and his world.



Today, Hamid shoots musicians, artists and spends time working with fashion designers and their new lines.  He is commissioned to do portrait work, advertising and editorial assignments.



(The photo above is a self-portrait of Hamid)



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“My dream was simple. It did not entail living an elaborate lifestyle full of luxury, fame or power.  My dream was to create the richness of life through the simplicity of art — which, ultimately, for me, took shape through the lens of my camera.


My photography has truly led me to places I never thought possible.  As a young man walking the streets of Rome, I could have never imagined that I would one day photograph the greatest musician of our generation — Michael Jackson.


It occurred to me that Jackson’s dream could have been just as simple as mine. Coming from a small town in Indiana, Jackson found his artistic talent at a very young age. Little might he have known that he would eventually have such a global impact with his art.


With my photographs, I hope to keep Jackson’s legacy alive. I hope to paint an intimate portrait of my experience with Jackson and his fascinating world that he so graciously invited me to capture and share with you all.


Today, I think of yesterday while making history for tomorrow.”


—   Hamid Moslehi

"To HAMID, Love to the great man" — Michael Jackson